Bureau chief’s lie – chicken farmers trying to make ends meet

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Mr. Cai Zhe-fu, the man is charge at Shunrong Chicken Farm in Zhuqi Township, Chiayi Couty has been raising battery hens for forty years. With so much experience under his belt, he has managed to keep his hens disease free for all of these forty years and dodged epidemics a number of times - one such epidemic coming as close as 200 meters to his farm. In Mr. Cai Zhe-fu’s henhouse, you won’t find a fly, let alone diseased hens or epidemics. Sound equipment and meticulous management are the two keys to keeping a healthy henhouse, said Mr. Cai. He added that the work of local disease prevention officers and veterinary surgeons also played an important part.

After forty years experience raising battery hens, the price of Mr. Cai’s eggs are above the average market price, but he is still unable to meet the market demand. Egg distributor Mr. Li approached Mr. Cai after discovering the higher quality of ‘healthy’ eggs. Mr. Li commented that for the first two years of selling high-quality ‘healthy’ eggs, business was rather slow. However, after customers began enjoying the superior taste they soon came back for more, and business has gone from strength to strength, so much so that nowadays the eggs are quickly sold out.

Zhuqi Township Office chief, Zhang Zai-ji expressed that the proper construction of henhouses and suitable equipment were important factors for preventing bird epidemics. He added that the office spares no effort in ensuring all farms adhere to the laws of battery hen farming. Occasionally, veterinary surgeons also visit to give their expert advice and help to guarantee any possible source of infection is detected before it creates a problem. Zhang Zai-ji stressed that adequate preparation before beginning to rear hens is paramount in ensuring a healthy, disease-free farm.

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Bureau chief’s lie – chicken farmers trying to make ends meet (by CJ  CU8060)




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嘉義縣竹崎鄉順榮農牧場負責人蔡哲輔養殖蛋雞40年,躲過幾次疫情大風暴,即便距離他的雞舍僅200公尺的肉雞養殖場染病,蔡哲輔的雞舍依然平安無 事,40年來,他的雞舍看不到一隻蒼蠅,更別說染疫或得病,問他如何管理雞舍,他說:完善的設備,用心管理是不二法則,當然地方防疫官員或獸醫是否努力執 法,也是關鍵之一。





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Bureau chief’s lie – chicken farmers trying to make ends meet