Abundant Persimmon Harvest

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This year has seen bumper harvests for persimmon farmers all over Chiayi and throughout Taiwan, with a marked increase in yields from last year. With beef-heart persimmon production mainly centered in Chiayi, the local yield of this variety has been particularly high, forecasted at around 500-600 thousand catties. Forecasts for the Japanese Persimmon Kaki variety are estimated at around 200 thousand catties. 

Chen Wen-pin, consultant of ‘Entrepreneurship Guidance’ at the National Youth Commission (NYC) expressed the versatility of persimmons. The history of persimmons as a healthy product goes back many years – persimmon leaves can be used to brew a unique tea, the peel contains persimmon dye that can be used in a wide assortment of products, and the flesh can be used to make popsicles and moon cakes etc. This flexibility means that persimmon farmers can benefit from an unending chain of economic possibilities. Therefore, the future development potential of this fruit looks extremely ‘tasty’ indeed.

A recreational farm in Hsinchu Sinpu has a number of teachers providing persimmon dying and clay work activities, where young and old alike can enjoy the fun. At the farm, there are a number of ‘persimmon aunties’ who abound with enthusiasm for the job, often forgetting about their own lunch in the process as they stand on wooden ladders gently working the drying persimmons. These ‘persimmon aunties’ not only do a wonderful job but also provide outstanding photo opportunities for amateur photographers. In addition, their conscientious working attitude has placed them in high esteem with the many visiting tourists. Everyone is warmly invited to come and enjoy a different kind of tour, experiencing the fun of working with this bright orange fruit that signifies good luck and auspiciousness in Taiwanese culture.   

Abundant Persimmon Harvest (by CJ Jerry)


柿季豐收,好柿連連(CJ Jerry)



在 新竹新埔一處觀光農場中,園區內假日都有柿染老師,提供柿染和黏土的教學,家長和小孩都玩得不亦樂乎。園區內有多位認真工作的「柿餅婆」,對工作十分熱 忱,有時連午餐都忘了吃,繼續站在木梯上,不斷按揉柿子,不只為了本身柿餅的工作,也提供攝影愛好者許多取景的機會,不少遊客都對柿餅婆認真的工作態度, 與對人那份永遠丕變的濃厚人情味,感到十分敬佩。柿子外表討喜的亮桔色,也象徵著好事連連,好運不斷,歡迎大家前來參觀新埔的柿餅,體驗揉柿子的手感,用 新的方式,來感受農村另一份不同的旅遊趣味。



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Abundant Persimmon Harvest