Latest on Datong River Incident – New proposal expected within three days

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Datong River in Guanyin Township has been undergoing large-scale building works, with excavators driving into the river, destroying wild flowers, weeds and age-old bamboo groves alike. Over and above the towering concrete embankments to ‘protect’ the riverbanks, concrete has also been found in the riverbed. This is all inconsistent with the words of County Mayor Wu Chih-Yang, who vowed to implement a more ecologically friendly way of carrying out river construction works in the future. The story was brought to the attention of Taoyuan County Government after being covered by the citizen journalist ‘dkriver’. 

This prompted local government into dispatching specialists from various departments to investigate the situation, who after deliberation came to a common preliminary consensus. This was followed by the arrival of Taoyuan County’s Area Section Chief, who considered the views of all parties present and proposed a plan in response to the situation. Local village mayor and residents expressed that since the engineering project is near on completion, and also taking into consideration security, they hoped that neither gabion or masonry would be used to finish the project. Daku River Cultural Association voiced out their opinion stating that as the local government has failed to deliver a comprehensive plan to resolve the engineering project, the stage is set for a great deal of regret in the future. Citizen journalist, dkriver, will continue to keep everyone up to date with all the latest developments in this story.

Latest on Datong River Incident – New proposal expected within three days (CJ dkriver)



新聞追擊 大同溪整治最新訊息 三天內由區排科提出新方案再議( CJ dkriver )

觀音鄉大同溪進行整治,怪手開進河道,野花野草、岸邊成長多年的竹林、苦苓樹全遭剷除,除了聳立的水泥壁面成為護岸之外,連河床也打上水泥,這跟吳志揚縣長 宣示會以更友善的方式對待桃園縣的溪流的承諾實在不符。大同溪被不友善對待的事件,經過公民記者報導,引起政府單位注意,由各單位共同會勘後,有了初步的 共識,最後由桃園縣政府區排科長綜合各方意見,提出因應方案後再議的結論。而當地村長及居民也表達意見,他們基於工程已近尾聲,且顧及安全為由,不希望改 為石籠或砌石的工程。大堀溪文化協會除對區排科沒有盡到告知民眾友善溪流工程意義的作法提出糾正外,也對不友善溪流工程施作可能造成未來的遺憾表達看法。 公民記者未來仍將持續追蹤案情發展,隨時發布最新的訊息。



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Latest on Datong River Incident – New proposal expected within three days