Preserving Kinmen River for posterity

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Wuchiang River (浯江溪), known locally as the Mother of Kinmen (金門母親河), is located on the western side of Kinmen. Until March of this year, Kinmen County Government was engaged in building a road that would connect the northern side of the commercial port to the main highway. However, ten days into the construction work residents discovered that the project had neglected to conduct an environmental impact assessment (EIA).

After it became clear that the project threatened serious environmental damage and the destruction of important cultural heritage sites residents raised “Save the Mother of Kinmen -Wuchiang River,” a series of activities to oppose the construction project.
Ecology expert Zhuang Xi-jin (莊西進) said that there are other ways of reducing costs while at the same time ensuring such projects are environmentally sound.

He added that in recent years the commercial port has seen a steady decline in the number of tourists. In reaction to the storm of protest from local residents Kinmen County Commissioner announced an immediate halt to construction work and promised that the area would be restored to its original condition. Today, however, with high construction boards still erected on one side of the site it appears that things remain unchanged; the area has quite clearly been the scene of environmental damage.

In fact, the diverse ecology of Wuchiang River is an important habitat for the million-year-old horseshoe crab, a true ‘living fossil’. “If we fail to properly protect the horseshoe crab’s habitat, we may well lose it for ever,” said Hong De-shun (洪德舜), head of the Wuchiang River Horseshoe Crab Task Force (浯江溪鱟巡守隊).

Preserving Kinmen River for posterity





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Preserving Kinmen River for posterity