Taiwanese Opera show awaited for 50 years

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Leader of the celebrated Holo Taiwanese Opera Troupe (河洛歌仔戲團), Liu Chung-yuan (劉鐘元or Ning Meng (寧猛)), comes from Guanghua Village in Zhuqi Township, Chiayi County. He was born in the 9th year of the Showa era (1934), and studied at Chiayi Agriculture and Forestry Public School (嘉義農校) (now National Chiayi University, NCYU). 

Growing up in such a wild mountainous region, Liu Chung-yuan was well aware that his native homeland was a literary desert. In 1950, after many years of traveling and diligent work, he started his own business, marking the beginning of the evolution of Taiwanese opera. As the years passed, in the repeated visits he made back to his hometown of Dingbenzai (頂笨仔), during casual conversations with family and friends he would often reveal his aspiration to one day bring his troupe on a tour of his birthplace.

Due to a combination of personal and external factors it has taken fifty years to realize this dream, but now at 80 years of age, with a stable career and numerous awards under his belt, Liu Chung-yuan feels it is finally time to bring his troupe home. On the 7th April 2013, Liu brought the celebrated Holo Taiwanese Opera Troupe to perform in his hometown. With stool in hand, local residents, who have long anticipated this day, made their way to the village plaza for a performance that not only touched the hearts of the people, but also displayed a great resonance with the surroundings. 

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Taiwanese Opera show awaited for 50 years



一場期待50年的歌仔戲 影音



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Taiwanese Opera show awaited for 50 years