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Local school transforms the look of Hua Nan Community

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For this latest Your Shoot event, PeoPo Citizen Journalism Platform collaborated with Hua Nan Elementary School in Yunlin’s Gukeng Township. A place of rivers, mountains, and terraced paddies for as far as the eyes can see, not to mention majestic old hackberry trees, Nan Hua's stunning scenery is a true joy to behold. It’s hard to imagine that in 2005, due to central government policy governing school pupil numbers, the community was plunged into crisis when the local elementary school became earmarked for closure. With only the elderly and dogs left in this mountain village, Hua Nan Elementary principal, Chen Qing-zhen (陳清圳), united the school, residents, and various government departments to inject new life into this formerly barren land.

A two-story wooden house in the tranquil mountains provides not only a place for people to stay while participating in community exchange programs but also serves as a great place for visitors to relax and enjoy some homegrown aromatic coffee or tea. This PeoPo Your Shoot successfully attracted countless people of all ages to come and witness a collective endeavor of rural regeneration through the integration of local schools and the community. Students from Hua Nan Elementary School and residents have vowed to continue community building into the future and transform this mountain village into a place full of laughter and happiness.



靜謐山區內的兩層樓木屋,是社區裡可以打工換宿的地方,伴隨著咖啡香、 茶香是由居民們一手沖泡出來的。這次PeoPo公民新聞雲林踹拍場學校與社區創造農村再生的議題,成功的吸引不少大小朋友一同來共襄盛舉。未來校內的孩子們也會和居民繼續努力,把雲林華南社區打造成充滿歡笑聲與幸福的山村。


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