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土石流防災專員 拚外交

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緣由:報導「土石流防災專員 拚外交」


地點:台北 南港展覽館

音樂: 創用 CC by 街頭藝人 桃園大溪橋頭 黃老師

古典吉他獨奏版 0987-182214


1. 推動防災新南向 2018亞太防災高峰論壇盛大登場

2. Secutech 2018 


為強化 民眾 防災能力



其目標為「人人懂防災 家家無災害」


引起了 東南亞學者專家 相當高的興趣


The name of the chips means kwai-kwai 小點心的名字 是 乖乖

Its mean “be nice” 意思是 要乖乖

So they all carry this, ask the weather to be nice. 他們帶這個 要天氣 乖一點

So information for IT 為了IT的資訊

lots people we use this one. 很多人用這個

This is the blessings from the local temple 這是地方寺廟的祈福袋

the blessings from local temple. 地方寺廟的祈福袋

Of the major disaster, MOROKO is almost ten years ago. 十年前的莫拉克颱風災害

2009 2009年

2009 three thousand millimeter three days, 2009年3天下3千釐米的雨

Four thousand four thousand millimeter rainfall 4千釐米的雨

coming down from the sky To entire village, 降雨到整個村落

So, those volunteer they save more than one thousand local village people 這些土石流防災專員 救了超過1萬人

They ask all the people to go to the shelter 他們要 村民到避難所

Stay over there and follow the route. 沿著避難路徑 去避難所住

Its safety, protect their own life. 安全的保護他們自己

Do you have the list of the knowledge should be trained for them. 你有訓練他們的資料嗎

Whats the knowledge trained for them. 訓練他們的資料 是甚麼

Its more important, the content of training. 訓練內容更重要

What is the content of training. 訓練內容 是甚麼

Lots of , like how to use the facility. 有很多 像如何 使用器材

And how they can know what is the threshold for the rainfall 及 他如何去 判斷臨界降雨量

for some other kind of natural disasters, like, if there is landslide 是否有 像其他的自然災害 如山崩

if there is very high rainfall, how to do prediction. 是否有高雨量 如何去預測

So they all need to be trained, only to become how they can react, 都需要訓練 如何去應對

Like, how to go to the shelter, where they are shelters. 像如何去避難所

and each family how to go to shelter, follow the very safety route, 每個家庭 如何沿著安全路線 去避難所

so they all need to be trained by that 所以 他們都需要被訓練

So, they will be drilled, will be training, will be coursed, 他們要上訓練課程

They can be trained to learn by himself 他們可以訓練去自我學習



PeoPo 討論區


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