After-school care program transforms Yongkang Community

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In former years, Yongkang Community in Keelung City had serious problems with its teenagers. In 2004, Chief of Village, Yu Su-yun (余素雲), cleaned up the dirty and disorderly village hall and revamped it into a rudimental after-school care program, providing care and tutoring to local kids that habitually cut class. After establishing the program, Yu Su-yun raised 10 computers with LCD monitors and installed PC games; as long as the kids pledge not to break one cardinal rule – not to cut class – they are welcome to come and play the computers, instead of loafing about in Internet cafés. The results have been unexpectedly good. Nowadays, children obediently attend school each day and come to the program after school. In addition to playing computer games, the kids are also accompanied by local volunteer mothers who help them do schoolwork till nine at night.

In the past, the streets of Yongkang Community were a mess, earning it the nickname “Garbage Community”. As many of the residents are working class parents who are out trying to make a living most of the day, the children are often entrusted to grandparents and other elderly relatives. This has caused rebellious behavior in many children, who become addicted to Internet cafes, skip class and aimlessly wander the streets causing problems. Nowadays, during winter and summer vacations free classes are provided at the village hall from eight in the morning till five o'clock in the afternoon, ensuring that children in the community have someone to accompany them during the vacation. Community empowerment has not only improved the situation with juvenile delinquency, but also gradually made the community a friendlier place to live.

After-school care program transforms Yongkang Community




從安親班開始 永康社區改造計畫




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After-school care program transforms Yongkang Community